This is what is known as a "corner pop".  Non-structure defect in the foundation found on the corners of the home.   These will eventually separate from the home and require repairs.

Keyed deadbolts are  not allowed on entry/exit doors.  In the event of an emergency, opening a door or window cannot require special skills, knowledge, or tools.  

Plumbing drains can only use smooth pipe.  Flexible drain connections are now allowed.

This is a picture of the insulation on the cold line (suction line) that connects the outside AC unit (condensor) to the inside AC unit (evaporator).  This line and insulation is exposed to the outside elements and is often deteriorated.  In this case, the homeowner has wrapped it in duct tape.  The insulation should be complete and intact.  The new standard for this insulation requires it to fully cover the cold line and be made of UV resistant material.  

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