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We provide a variety of inspections, including:

  • Pre-Listing Inspections

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Phased Inspections - new construction

  • Pool & Spa Inspections

  • Warranty Inspections

  • Foundation Level Check

  • Thermal Camera Inspection

  • Home Maintenance Inspections

  • Investor Inspections - see below 

  • Wood Destroying Insect - License #0781996

Aerial Imaging

Offering aerial imaging using a drone and a high resolution camera.  Images taken with a 20 megapixel camera and video up to 4K resolution.  Aerial imagery can be for inspections, marketing, collection, etc.

  • Real estate

  • Infrastructure Inspections

  • Safety & training

  • Group photos

  • Vehicles

  • Structures

  • In process construction


Pre-purchase Inspection - property inspection completed for a buyer prior to purchasing a home.  Provides information on the condition & performance of the home.


Pre-listing Inspection - property inspection completed for a seller prior to the home being listed for sale.  Provides information for the seller to make repairs or maximize the selling price.


Phased Inspection - property inspections completed during the building process of a home.  The buyer needs to have the home inspected to ensure no issues arise that may negatively affect the performance of the home or systems.


Pool & Spa Inspections - amenity inspections on pools and spas installed at a  home.  These inspections check performance and safety of the pool or spa.

Warranty Inspection - when a home is sold, there is usually a 1 year warranty sold with the home.  A warranty inspection is to identify issues with the home that the warranty company can address.  Recommended to complete 10 - 11 months after the home is sold.

Foundation level check - a measurement of the levelness of the foundation from a reference point, usually the front door of the home.  This is for the ground floor only.  This is NOT a substitute for a formal foundation evaluation by a licensed civil engineer.  This provides additional information.

Thermal camera inspection - imaging using a thermal camera to identify anomalies in the home's construction.  Used to find air leaks, missing insulation, HVAC problems, electrical issues, and water leaks.

Maintenance Inspection - property inspection to provide homeowners recommendations on any required maintenance that will help them ensure the performance of the home over time.


Termite or WDI Inspection - a special inspection to identify the presence of wood destroying insects, conditions conducive for their infestation, or evidence of prior infestations.  Insects include but not limited to termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees.

Investor Inspections

Are you a Real Estate Investor?  Looking for or needing an investor friendly inspector?  Boxer Inspections LLC is your key to a solid Rehab Estimate.  We are very familiar with the Real Estate Investor (REI) process and requirements.  The key to making an offer you can close with is an accurate Rehab Estimate.  We can help!


Let us help find the issues you might miss in a 20 minute walk through. 


We have examples where we saved investors money on a deal.  We can also provide Investor References to demonstrate the value.

We understand and can help with your investment properties!

Investor Inspection:

  • Full house inspection, all systems, following TREC SOP

  • Investor walk through assessment reviewing as many major systems as time allows.  Often used with wholesalers showing properties or when time is limited

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