I'm Buying a NEW Home, I Don't Need an Inspection - Right?!

This is an age old question. The right answer is what do you feel you need to to do to be protected? A New Home is supposed to be new right? It will have new flooring, new wood frame, new bricks or siding, new roof covering, etc. Everything should be new, right?!

But what if it isn't? How would YOU know? How do you know the lumber is the appropriate grade to support the open floor plan of your new home? How do you know that fire standards are being followed. The builder will employ an architect to design the home & layout and a licensed civil engineer will review an approve the loading, plumbing, and elevation and drainage - just to name a few. But what happens when someone intentionally takes short cuts to safe money or time. What if the wrong materials are shipped instead of what was ordered? How would you know?

Homes are required to be built to existing standards defined by the trades or 3rd parties. The electricians follow the National Electrical Code, the HVAC contractors follow the International Mechanical Code, and the plumbers follow the International Plumbing Code. But no one is an expert in all of these codes. Therefore, the general rule of thumb for building a house is the International Residential Code.

City code inspectors will inspect the home, however, they are often very busy and may not have time to do a thorough job. If the home is in the county, then the city code inspectors will never visit the home - it's outside the city limits.

So, protect yourself by hiring a licensed Professional Home Inspector like Boxer Inspections. Boxer Inspections can inspect a completed home before buying or inspect the home while it is being built to identify problems before they become deal breaker issues. Phased inspections inspect the home at the foundation, after all mechanicals are installed, and when the home is complete - Foundation, Pre-Drywall, and Final Inspection.

Below are some pictures of new construction defects identified by Boxer Inspections:

Clockwise from upper right

1. Defective lumber

2. Ladder left on the roof

3. Damaged roof flashing

4. Buckled decking and shingles

5. Hole in a plumbing flashing

6. Damaged lumber

Call Boxer Inspections at 281-783-3030 to help with all your home inspection needs.

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